Friday, February 5, 2010

Rebellion Rules the PSP Chart

Rebellion, the UK Super-Developer, has had one of its most successful starts to any year during its 15-year history with all 3 of its recent PSP products enjoying Top 10 UK chart status.

The Simpsons Game with EA, Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem with Sierra and Star Wars: Renegade Squadron with LucasArts have secured No. 1, 8 & 10 positions respectively. Not only that, Rebellion has produced the lion’s share of The Simpsons Game formats including Wii and PS2, which have maintained their Top 10 chart positions throughout January.

Jason Kingsley CEO and Creative Director said, ‘Being Independent does allow a number of options in our approach to producing games. Using The Simpsons Game as an example, we produced a multi-format game of one of EA’s global IP’s within the designated time scale and on budget, due in most part, to our flexibility and in-house technology. Also, being an Independent meant we were respected by the brand owners and able to provide unbiased views and opinions throughout the development of the game which ultimately helped maintain its quality and direction. This is especially true when looking at the success of our other PSP games at the moment.’

Chris Kingsley CTO continued; ‘We have our own method of game development and we’re happy to say it is working wonderfully! Every one of our games released in 2007 went Top 10, a fact we’re very proud of. From the studio acquisitions, staff recruitment and restructuring which has been implemented year-on-year, all of our efforts are coming to fruition. Our next big step is the move to our purpose built studio in Oxford later this year. From there, our aim is to maintain the influx of new and exciting talent to our studios, build on our relationships with our partners and to complete our next-gen games for 2008 and 2009.’

Jason concludes; ‘It seems as if every month a successful studio is being bought and brought into the publisher fold and in time we could run the risk that the industry loses the vitality and innovation that independent studios offer. So for this month we’re proud to be flying the UK Independent flag!'