Friday, February 5, 2010

Aliens Vs Predator to take Centre Stage at Windows 7 Worldwide Launch

Aliens Vs. Predator, developed by leading UK studio Rebellion and published by SEGA, will be featured as part of the Windows 7 worldwide launch event in New York today.

An exclusive trailer of the new game, scheduled for launch in 2010, has been prepared to showcase the graphical quality and gameplay of Windows 7.

Rebellion, the studio responsible for the original Aliens Vs. Predator in 1999 and for franchises such as the Simpsons, Harry Potter and Star Wars, has been developing Aliens Vs. Predator over the past two years and has paid considerable attention to the visual and emotional impact that the game will deliver.

Working closely with AMD, Rebellion has utilised their new DirectX 11 hardware - designed specifically to operate with Windows 7 - to develop a game which could arguably become the benchmark for high impact 3D visuals, depth and tone in PC gaming for 2010 and beyond.

Chris Kingsley, CTO of Rebellion said, “For Aliens Vs. Predator to be an integral part of the Windows 7 worldwide launch is an honour for us. The Aliens Vs. Predator brand is very close to Rebellion’s heart, and when we had the opportunity to revisit the franchise we wanted to push some very big boundaries hence teaming up with AMD and a strong focus on developing the PC version for Windows 7.”

Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director of Rebellion said, “When Aliens Vs Predator was first launched in 1999, it completely engaged gamers with its terrifying atmosphere and the visuals, sound and script made it a classic. With Windows 7, AMD’s DirectX 11 and our own Asura engine, the technology we have been waiting for is now available and we have been able to realise our vision and put all of our ideas into effect. Windows 7 is a major step forward in PC gaming.”

Chris concludes, “We’ve been able to exploit areas never before attempted in 3D graphical terms. For example, the Shader Model 5.0 has provided incredible shadow and depth of field to the game, and also multi-threaded rendering has allowed enormous detail to be built into the characters and environments without incurring any frame rate issues.”

“Aliens Vs. Predator is a great example of how game makers can take advantage of the Windows 7 technology,” said Mike Ybarra, general manager of Windows Product Management at Microsoft. “The 3D rendering coupled with DirectX 11 raises the bar on the gaming experience.”

The Windows 7 worldwide launch event takes place in New York on Thursday 22nd October 2009.